2004 Honda Element “Armadillididae”

ArmadillyFinding a vehicle to replace both Osh-Tisch and Snezhna (and hopefully improve upon both of them) was a challenge.  When the dust began to settle in my price range there was  a head-to-head comparison between the first-gen Jeep Liberty and the AWD Honda Element.   The Element won out on fuel economy, versatility, long-distance comfort and overall quality–the Elements I drove just felt much much better than Liberties of the same age, even with considerably less miles.  That, and most of the Liberties near me were rusting, while the Elements seemed to be holding up better.

So!  Armadilly followed me home, after a fairly unpleasant shopping experience at Matthews Hargreaves Chevrolet.  Haven’t had cause for complaint yet; the Element’s pretty much everything I hoped it would be when I wanted one back when they were new.  Excellent do-all!

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