1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport “Sandor”

IMG_0569A brief search for a vehicle to turn into a post-apocalyptic survival rig netted this appealingly bent Cherokee, whose hit to the face hadn’t stopped its heart by a long shot. Cherokees are pleasingly long-lived, so I got some help and hammered the front end back into a semblance of shape, even wiring one of Trundle’s spare headlights into place for a properly scruffy look. The resulting vehicle was christened “Sandor.”

Unfortunately, after the body repairs and a new radiator, Sandor developed a death wobble. Jeep experts gave conflicting reports; either it was a bent suspension, or a very simple fix. I don’t know enough about Jeeps to get into it, and with Terranova and Truck looming as major projects, decided to fold instead. Sandor was sold, zip-ties and all, for only a slight loss to a Jeep guy from a couple towns over.


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