1999 Chevrolet Suburban K2500 diesel “Snoshu”

Owned 2007-2008.

The trouble with having a truck once, is that it’s hard to go back to not having a truck.  The trouble with having a hobby that involves really large, sometimes immobile objects with really large, frequently heavy parts, is that it’s handy to have a truck.  So, when Scarecrow went away, I had to have another truck.  Something to tow, and haul, and hopefully not burn as much gas as the last big truck I had.

Enter the Suburban diesel, which has the added appeal of being somewhat rare.  And, enter Snoshu, who arrived and promptly asked for $2500 as she ate her injection pump, as the 6.5 diesels in the Suburbans are wont to do.  Once that little matter was put behind us, I very much enjoyed my Suburban.  Long-distance trips were a breeze:  Snoshu towed the next two cars on this list home, as well as dragging everything from a Chevy Cavalier to a Lincoln Town Car, depending on what was needed.

The only reason Snoshu left was to make way for something even bigger; the RV that I currently live in.

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