1995 National Dolphin 533 “The Incorrigible”

Owned: 2008-2012.

I spent three years living on the road, in that thing up there.  Why?  Well, it costs about the same as an apartment, only the view changes regularly.  More on that can be found here.  As for the RV itself, it’s 34 feet long and has all the comforts of home, and driving big stuff is fun.  Interestingly, it rides better than the Winnebago Adventurer reviewed elsewhere on this site.

Fulltiming was a good time, and it’s something I’ll probably do again in the future, applying some of the lessons learned from thirty-six months in the Incorrigible.  Inky moved on in 2012, after I’d been off the road for a year or so; storage costs sadly made keeping him a losing prospect.  The next moho will be smaller!

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