1991 Toyota 4Runner “Osh-Tisch”

4runnerObnoxiously, Sandor was sold riiiiight before the nastiest winter we’ve had here in Michigan in a hundred years or more.  And this year, the predictions call for a repeat of 2014’s awesome polar vortex!  Hey, this doesn’t faze me much, I love snow.  However, Snezhna does not.  Even with snow tires, a rear-wheel drive pickup truck with no ABS, traction control or limited-slip is just not going to be your friend.  When the going got tough this year, Snezhna started, but she had a heck of a time moving, to the point of being downright dangerous.  Sure would have been nice to have a 4×4…


So, before this year’s snow hits, I went looking for another post-apoc rig, and stumbled across a really cheap, moderately rusty 4Runner in need of a rear U-joint.  Hey, I can fix that!  The U-joint turned out to have chewed up the driveshaft, so I swapped the whole thing out and just like that, Osh-Tisch was ready to roll.  She’s got a 3″ suspension lift and a working heater and all four-wheel drive, so I’m hoping that if the polar vortex returns, getting around in it will be not the least bit problematic!  And if it doesn’t return…then I’ve got the post-apocalyptic rig I was looking for, so it’s a win either way.

schneeUpdate: The snow did return, and Osh was triumphant, utterly unfazed by up to 13″ of the ugly stuff.  Unfortunately, winter wasn’t kind to her already rusty undercarriage, and a rear suspension arm rotted clean through and broke off.

osh2 And there was much lamenting.  I wanted to weld it, but there was literally nothing left to weld to, and the other side was getting ready to go as well.  I considered going down south to find a 4Runner with a toasted engine that I could swap Osh’s drivetrain into, but there wasn’t a logistical way to get such a hulk home.  That, plus a gaggle of other financial/logistical concerns, led to the decision to sell Osh-Tisch and Snezhna for a newer vehicle.  Osh-Tisch was rehomed to a fellow over in Ypsi in March 2015.

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