1990 Volvo 244 “Rollins”

Owned 2005-2009.

Rollins was kind of an accident.  I was looking for cheap wheels for a friend, and found cheaper and better wheels than expected.  So I went in on it with her; we split the cost of the car, and after she drove it for a year or so, I got to keep it.

What can I say?  The faithful, unstoppable-ness of the Volvo 240 just does something to me.  Rollins hung around for a couple of years as a loaner-car, and helped several friends through tough, car-less periods.  He was repainted a very snazzy Mercury metallic green, then spent a year as a daily driver as he moved up in the fleet hierarchy (i.e., Sigue got sold). He picked up the usual daily-driver bumps and bruises along the way, and got shock and brake upgrades as well.

bessemer 028.jpg

I considered storing him, while I’m traveling the country in the RV, but long-term storage is death to 240s, and they never run right afterward.  Better to keep him on the road.  So I found someone who’d do just that, and sold him for a bit more than I bought him for.

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