1989 Saab 900 S “Modesty”

Owned 1996-97

When Mouse left, Modesty took its place.  I paid much more for it than I ought to have, but this Saab was cherry–only 10,000 miles!  Road-tripping was a wonderful, wonderful thing.  I never missed having a turbo, either–the sixteen-valve four-cylinder was plenty powerful enough.  And the three-door hatchback would swallow a terrifying amount of cargo.  Modesty was just about the perfect car.

Just about.  The only problem with having a Saab was that there was only one Saab dealer in Metro Detroit, and nobody else would work on it.  Which meant that, in short order, Modesty was eating me out of house and home.  A high car payment plus regular $600 repair bills meant that I loved her, but couldn’t afford to keep her.  If only I had discovered the Internet a bit sooner!  I could’ve gotten in touch with one of the many Saab enthusiast groups, and learned how to work on her myself.  Unfortunately, by the time I found that out, it was about six years too late.  I’d like another 900S some day, though.

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