1989 Dodge D350 “Gozer the Traveler”

Owned 1998.

When I decided to move to Texas, U-Haul said it would cost $1500 to get  a truck for a one-way trip.  Since I had to top both DevilBunny and Snapdragon down with me, I needed to make two trips anyhow, and so it was decided that it made more sense to spend $1400 and buy a van myself, make the two trips, and then sell it.

It was also, as is probably obvious, an excuse for another painting party.  I was in luck; a window company had just liquidated its fleet, and there were five of these extended one-ton vans hanging out at the same used car lot.  I picked the best one, disposed of the seats (two were donated to a church whose van was missing seats, one was left by the side of the road somewhere in Detroit where someone no doubt made off with it), and used up all of the spray paint I had.

The van turned out to be a big, dumb, tough thing, too.  Rather than falling apart, it ran masterfully (except for the AC) and when I got to Texas, I ended up selling it for $2300, in spite of the rust.  Don’t you wish they could all go that way?

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