1988 Volvo 740GLE “Sigue Sigue Supercargo”

Owned 1999-2006.

After the Escort, I was thoroughly hooked on wagons.  But where to find a wagon that’s not a full-size gas hog and still reliable?  That’s how I tumbled into Volvos.

Sigue was my main transportation for many years.  He also towed for me, once the hitch was installed.  When I was trekking back and forth between Austin and Detroit regularly, it was in this car, and we racked up over 100,000 (relatively) trouble-free miles together.  Oddly enough, Sigue tended to behave for me, except for a couple of flat tires and a fuel pump relay.  Whenever someone else drove him, something would break.  I think the car just liked me.

Sigue was eventually sold to a friend in Michigan, and is still on the road as of 2009. As well he should be–Volvos are like that.

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