1988 Ford Ranger “Scarecrow”

Owned 2005-2007.

The things that I like about Volvo 240s would also seem to apply to the Ford Ranger, which has solidered along in the same basic form for the better part of two decades.  And they’re tough, unpretentious little trucks.  I like that, a lot.

Scarecrow didn’t look like much, but proved to be unstoppable.  Would you believe I had no major mechanical problems with him during the entire time I owned him?  True.  The enemy in the end was, obviously, rust.  When it became clear that the cab was only attached to the frame by rust and a minor collision was likely to result in a violent separation, Scarecrow had to go.  The folks we sold him to were warned about the rust, but they took him anyway.  I doubt he’s still in one piece–hopefully that great 4.0 V6 got transplanted into a better body.  I’d have done that myself, if I had the time.

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