1985 Volvo 245 “LSV”

Owned 2002-04.

Well, when a cherry Volvo 240 with a blown engine falls into your lap, what do YOU do?  Of course I bought it.  It had apparently been driven from California to Austin, where the engine expired violently.  Not sure how, because it’s very hard to get a Volvo engine to blow up, but there you are.

I found a new engine and was in the process of installing it when the time came to move back north.  The night I pushed LSV out of the garage so she could go on a trailer in the morning, a drunk driver ran into her while she was parked on the street.

Insert swearing here.  So much for that cherry body.  The damage wasn’t terminal, but it did muss up the car’s looks somewhat.

Eventually I got the engine in, but the prospect of repairing the body damage had taken the wind out of my sail, and I sold LSV not long after getting back to Michigan, to another Volvo fan.

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