1983 Volvo 245 “Bella”

Owned 2001-2003.

Bella was the junkiest, ugliest, most reliable Volvo I ever pulled out of a field in Indiana.  Literally–she was dragged out of a field and then driven to Texas without so much as an oil change.  Let’s see your car do that!  I got Bella partly to be a loaner vehicle, for a friend in need, and she performed the job admirably, never asking for any repairs in spite of the terminal rust.  The rear shock towers were practically gone, yet Bella made the trip from Michigan to Texas three times without so much as a blown tire.  I replaced her doors and tailgate with rust-free units, then upgraded some of her other parts.

Sadly, she finally up and died in Arkansas.  What’s really frustrating is that, but for time constraints and the lack of a convenient place to rent a truck and trailer, I’d have towed her home and kept her.  Alas, there were no engine control modules for an old Volvo to be had in Arkansas, so Bella had to be left behind.  Suck.

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