1983 BMW 320i “5Jayne”

Owned 2000-2003.

5Jayne was another surpise car–I stumbled across her in an Austin used-car lot while thinking it would be nice to have a BMW 2002, and got her instead.  The 320i cost less and was more fun.  And it was orange.  I like orange cars.

5Jayne turned out to be a blast, and I vowed never to be without a sporty-car again.  Upgrades were made, especially after I found a dead grey-market 323i in a junkyard.  5Jayne got Recaro seats (which I still have), four-wheel disc brakes and nice sticky Dunlop tires.  She never did get new suspension bushings, however, which led to hilarious body roll when I autocrossed her.  Apart from a starter that occasionally needed to be hit with a hammer and a bad second-gear synchro, 5Jayne was a good car.  She didn’t have any rust either, which put her ahead of most 320s.

She was nudged out of the driveway when I moved from Texas back to Michigan, unfortunately.  Too many vehicles, not enough space, and I found a BMW enthusiast who promised to swap a more powerful 2.5 liter straight-six into her.

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