1973 Ford Pinto Squire “Maisie”

Owned 2007-2011.

High the list of cars I always wanted is the Ford Pinto.  So, when one turned up on eBay, in a junkyard, I was on it in an instant.  So what if it was in Arizona?  After all, that’s what Snoshu was for.

So, the Pinto was fetched and tucked carefully away in the garage for a few years.  I got started restoring her…well, that’s kind of an overstatement.  Actually I cleaned her up, disassembled the interior and started to pull the engine, but then a financial crisis struck and I found myself having to sell her off to make ends meet.  She went to a local Pinto enthusiast, though, so at least she was rescued.  Maybe she’ll see the road again some day…

(Update:  She did!  I actually saw Maisie on the road in August of 2013!  She’s still sporting the brown paint in place of her wood trim, but she was running just fine with a new windshield and rear window, a nice set of steelies and lots of new stickers on the back windows!

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