1971 Fiat 850 Racer

Owned 2002-2004.

The “wayward Fiat,” as it came to be known, was another field find.  A fellow outside of Austin had a whole bunch of cars out there, and encouraged me to come and look at them.  Most weren’t worth saving, but this super-rare Fiat 850 Racer with almost no rust on it (the only rust is on the hood, visible in the photo) had to be pulled out of there.

The Fiat’s engine was disassembled, and came in boxes.  The interior was something of a wreck as well.  The Wayward Fiat followed me around through the move to Michigan, and then was sold to an Italian-car mechanic in Pennsylvania, to complete his Fiat 850 collection.  Once again, I played middleman.

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