My garage

In addition to test driving everything that I can,  I have owned a great many vehicles as well.  Some automotive journalists don’t bother to buy cars, since they get ’em for free from the manufacturers every week.  I couldn’t live like that.  There’s a world of difference between driving a loaner vehicle–even one that’s far nicer than you could ever hope to afford–and something that’s yours.  Some days, you just want to go out and drive your car, you know?

So, since people are frequently curious about my own automotive experience, I’ve thrown together a list of the vehicles that have been in and out of my driveway over the years.  Currently, the fleet stands at four, including the RV that I’m living in.  There have been as many as eight at a time, and rarely have any of them been worth more than $2000.  This list will no doubt grow as time goes on.

Summer 2007, with two press SUVs in attendance.

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