Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Christopher “Emmy” Jackson, and I have been a full-time professional automotive journalist since 1999 (with, of course, the occasional necessary day job to make ends meet–working for yourself and playing with cars is a dream job, but doesn’t pay very well).  I have freelanced for many newspapers, magazines and websites, including Grassroots Motorsports, AutoWeek, and Truck Trend.  What you’ll see here are a selection of my latest car reviews and feature stories, as well as an archive of automotive test drives dating back to 1999.

I do my level best to translate the mysterious language of cars into plain English.  My “professional” reviews focus mainly on new cars and trucks, though my interests cover just about the whole history of automobiles.  I also review recreational vehicles.  Okay, to be honest, I’ll drive anything I can get my hands on.

The vehicle reviews on this site are based on actual test drives–I don’t write about cars I haven’t spent time behind the wheel of.  Unless otherwise noted, all test vehicles were loaned from their respective manufacturers.  I don’t work for any car manufacturer; I am an independent reviewer.  Archived reviews are printed as they originally appeared when written as new-car reviews, so if history has proven me wrong about something…it’s there for you to see.

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What the heck does “Elepent” mean? Well, the story is thus; back when I first started freelancing, I drove a school bus as my day job, believe it or not. I drove an elementary school route, and one day some of the first- and second-graders got on with these little cards they had made to learn the alphabet. Of course, many of these cards found their way under the seats and into the trash can, and one of them fetched up right under the accelerator pedal.

That’s the card you see right below, with a drawing of an “elepent” for the letter “e”. I have no idea why, but the thing struck a huge chord within me. Made me want to laugh and cry all at the same time, so when no one came forward to claim it (as no one claimed “ice,” “nicol,” or “dog”) I kept it.

When I decided that I needed a name for my car reviews, there it was, sitting right on my desk–that cute little “elepent” scribble that made my day for some unidentifiable reason. End of story.

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