MINI sets its sights on my wallet with the new Clubman

A conversation that has been going on for almost ten years now:

MINI:  Cooper!

Me: It’s delightful, but there’s just not enough room for Things, if I decide to take a road trip.  Maybe as a toy car.

MINI: Clubman!

Me:  Oh, hey, that’s pretty sweet.  Love the barn doors.  But still, I’ve been playing designated driver a lot, and wrestling my friends into the back with only two doors sounds like not a lot of fun.

MINI:  Countryman!

Me:  Yeah, but it’s taller.  The handling’s just not the same. It’s nice, but it feels more like a crossover than a go-kart.

MINI:  Cooper 4-door!

Me:  Hey, that’s cool!   Oh, man.  That’s really cool!  I kinda miss the barn doors on the—

MINI: Second-generation Clubman!

Me.  You guys, cut it out.  This is almost perfect, but you know what I really like about my Element, is—


MINI:  Clubman ALL4!

Me:  Okay, fine, TAKE MY MONEY, is that what you wanted me to say?  Are you happy now?  TAKE MY MONEY!

P90207057_highRes_mini-cooper-s-clubma P90207069_highRes_mini-cooper-s-clubma


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